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Guided Experience Tours through the world's frontiers of innovation. Next Tour: 19th-24th May 2019

Conquer The Future Bravely

Topics like Digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality (AR), etc. are on everyone’s mind. The influence of new and innovative key-technologies on our workplaces is currently discussed mainly on the basis of theoretical models, even though tools like Virtual Reality (VR), smart devices or full virtualisation of work processes are already in use.

Practical Implementation

Theoretical models alone can not replace active engagement in the implementation process of innovative models within a company. For this reason we have created The Valley Experience as an offer for people who want to leave familiar ways of thinking behind, want to be inspired and take part in the implementation of innovation themselves. Learn more about our Tour-offerings:

Your Tailored Experience

Each market segment, every product, each business strategy implicates unique challenges. Have you already formulated specific questions to be answered in order to take the next successful step with your company? We gladly take care of planning a unique Experience Tour matching your individual goals and requirements to help maximise the successful transfer of new ideas into your company.

The Open Tour Without Comparison

You have already heard about the various concepts and technologies concerning digitalisation and innovation but also want to experience them in practice? Discover the Valley’s famous business landscape together with experienced companions from various innovative companies on a 6-day tour through carefully selected locations.

Stop Using Buzzwords!

You avoid the game of filler words and unclear concepts? You long for models of the future that are being developed right now on the frontline of organisational development? You strive to understand how companies can leverage their full potential to gain the highest possible success? Be part of it! Learn about the newest trends and work concepts of the new digital business. Experience the development of future workplaces out of pure joy of innovation! Be inspired by the spirit of the Valley – get to know innovation culture from first-hand experience!

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The next Valley Experience Open Tour date: 19th-24th May 2019 The Valley Experience Open Tour in fall 2019: 8th-13th September 2019

"A thorough understanding how startups, big tech-corporations, investors, accelerators and co-working spaces think and interact is crucial to the task of apprehending the unique culture and dynamic of Silicon Valley. The organizers did an impressive job helping me understand Silicon Valley’s formula for success."
Alois Wiesinger
Product Development, Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.
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