We are no marketing guys.

The team behind The Valley Experience stands out due to vast experience and a interdisciplinary focus. Our core-team is comprised of Oliver, Design Thinker & innovation expert, and Patrick, systemic consulter & innovation expert.

Oliver Kempkens

Design Thinker & Innovation Expert
Oliver studied law, business, mediation and Design Thinking. After various stops and company foundations in Munich, London and Riga he moved to Palo Alto in 2011 to work on the intellectual renewal of one of the big tech giants, SAP. During the years before that Oliver dug deep into topics like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile Software Engineering, etc., on which he continues to hold lectures worldwide and to lead Design Thinking projects. After a short side trip to Russel Reynolds Associates Oliver now is managing director of ITMP Germany, a spin-off of the university St. Gallen, that helps and supports companies with implementing Design Thinking and client focus in other organisations. Oliver is a worldwide visiting professor (Moscow, Zagreb) and – among many things – teaches the pioneering lecture on Design Thinking on the FH Upper Austria (Hagenberg). Oliver has been awarded multiple times for his work and can rely on a highly exclusive network in regards to innovation and design.

Patrick Rammerstorfer

Systemic Consulter & Innovation Expert
Patrick has been a passionate entrepreneur for more than 20 years. He studied commercial science, Change Management and General Management. After two company foundations in the 1990s in his hometown Steyr, he has focussed on consulting of organisations and executive training in different settings for over 15 years now. He graduated various advanced trainings and further education courses in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the US, including systemic consulting on innovation and new forms of work and organisational structure. Patrick currently teaches at the Fachhochschule IMC Krems and was an external lecturer on various other colleges. His current focus of attention lies on the topic of companies’ ability to innovate, which he dedicates himself in countless workshops and new learning formats.

Cornelia Ziegler

PR Specialist
Cornelia is a federal graduate Hotelière/Restauratrice, from SHL Luzern, Switzerland. For many years she was responsible for guest relations for well-known hotel brands in Switzerland and the US. After that she was caught by the Show Biz Fever – with passion & creativity towards success. She co-created two productions, ‘Salto Natale’ and ‘Ohlala’, by Gregory & Rolf Knie. Her personal network is truly international. She possesses a unique organising-talent and it is no hassle for her to lead big projects, like the Zurich Film Festival with 80.000 guests. At present Cornelia works for the world’s biggest HR talent intermediaries, The Adecco Group in Zurich, as PA to director in the Medical & Spring Professional Healthcare department.

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