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Your perspective, your success story

up to 7 days up to 15 people

Experience New Solutions

Applying new ideas and approaches to current challenges in the company can sometimes be difficult. Experiencing the implementation of new approaches instead of theoretical engagement is especially relevant when new ways of thinking seem abstract and complicated. Together with you we will pick the most valuable experiences for your current situation to ensure successful transfer - and therefore create your uniquely tailored Tour.

Innovation - Factor of Success

Every organisation starts with at least one successfully implemented idea. The embodiment of this idea requires new solutions and competencies for mastering challenges of the implementation process and to commit people to their participation. On this account innovation means far more than just "having new ideas" or simply incorporating new content. Successful and practical innovation means finding new solutions that help with reaching a certain goal - when all participants are commited to this goal the innovation process will produce new ideas by itself.

Individual Tour Contents

As an extension to our Open Tour to Silicon Valley we additionally offer individually customised Tours. Benefit from a focussed perspective on innovative solutions inside your familiar market segment. Speak to industry experts and experience successful concepts in practice, in place of purely theoretical exchanges. As experts for innovation implementation in organisations we are at your side from the beginning to help plan your Tour from scratch. Because your Custom Tour's success starts with a well defined goal.

Innovation Hotspots

There are many thrilling ecosystems in the world today that develop new solutions to well-known problems through creative exchange. These "hotspots" are unique - because they have left certain conventions behind and offer special insights into innovative reinterpretations of familiar processes and structures. Get inspired by our personalised Tour to one or more of the world's current Innovation Hotspots!

Amsterdam, NL

Birthplace of new organisational structures and interactions (e.g. Holacracy)

Berlin, GER

European capital of a new start-up culture and Design Centricity

Munich, GER

The place to go for UX-Design and IoT/Industry 4.0 in modern production

San Francisco, USA

Global epicentre of disruptive technologies and IT-services

Tallin, EST

Pioneering the world's first fully digital public ecosystem for citizens and corporations

Successful progress is goal-oriented.

Your tour is, too.

Ensure transfer of ideas

Not all ideas are relatable – therefore a clear focus on your own goals is important.  What goals would you frame for a change process in your organisation? What entity is being worked at and in what manner? How can new ideas be created out of working solutions that are already in place?


Additional benefit through experience

Ensure the success of your effort through active on-site engagement with innovation. Experience and talk to real pioneers of the implementation of new ideas to get new and tangible solutions for your own company.

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Follow the trends

There's always room to focus on getting a deeper understanding of certain trends and topics. Custom tours allow for a strong emphasis to give you perfect opportunities to get special insights into a variety of different topics like: - Automotive (technology, insurance, etc.) - Food and health - Fintech (new applications like Credit Karma, The Lending Club, etc.) - Advances in healthcare (Stanford, etc.) - Future of (further) education (Singularity, IFTF, etc.) - Future of HRM (hiring, Russel Reynolds, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) - Technological development (Wearables, VR/AR devices, etc.)

Option - the next open Tour: 19th-24th May 2019