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5,5 days up to 15 people

The Silicon Myth

Silicon Valley – synonymous for a valley, that harbours some of the highest rated companies in the world. The epitome of progress, development and innovation in its own right, rivalled by few and surpassed by none. A business landscape that churns out pioneering products and services constantly. A place where the future gets shaped, bit by bit. Welcome to Silicon Valley!

Model-based Learning

The prevalence of theoretical models alone can’t suffice in a complex and vastly networked business world. This rationale is the basis for The Valley Experience – a tour, that offers the opportunity to get in touch with new concepts of work through hands-on experience, coupled with joint reflection and enhancing it with an understanding of underlying academic models. Identify, ask, understand, share – to foster the transfer of newly gained knowledge.

Enter the Silicon Valley

There are many things starting right now in our area that have existed in the Valley for some time: New concepts for workplaces, self organisation, Design Thinking processes, digital knowledge management, prototyping, startup-culture, etc. – those (and many more) highly innovative concepts have already become a reality in the Silicon Valley.

Total Science & Engineering Degrees Conferred
Silicon Valley (2011-2015) 121%
Job Growth
Silicon Valley (2011-2015) 117%
Patents per Capita
Silicon Valley (2011-2015) 132%

Derived from Real Demands

Concepts like these emerge as a logical consequence to the daily needs of companies in a steady cycle of innovation. Therefore, such concepts are first and foremost very pragmatic and laid out to cater real demands – they are providing practical, effective answers to the manifold challenges of work in the high-tech business.

Planned Topics

The various topics of our tour were picked according to their relevance to the current landscape of businesses. Each day is dedicated to one major theme, on which we based the venues we’ll visit that day. Our clear focus is the group’s gain of knowledge, which was valued above touristic aspects.

User-Centered Innovation

New technological advancements in machine learning, autonomous driving, fintech and much more.

Locations: Stanford | Palo Alto | Mountain View

Creative Spaces

Insights into open space collaboration, virtual teamwork, open plan office design, etc.

Locations: Palo Alto | San Joseo.

Immersing into User-Centricity

Topics around UX-design, AI-applications, virtual and augmented reality, etc.

Locations: Palo Alto | Cupertino | Stanford

People's Business

Meetups with founders, serial entrepreneurs and visionary tech-disruptors.

Locations: Palo Alto | San Francisco


Visits to famous startup-accelerators and colliders, entrepreneurial institutions and VC-investor networks

Locations: San Francisco | Berkeley

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“Within a very short period of time I had the chance to get a deep and extended insight into the incredible dynamic and historic work of Silicon Valley. Thanks to a schedule that was diverse and rich in perspectives I could feel the culture of this epicenter of technology, as well as get a grasp of concepts like Design Thinking, Startup mentality, Co-Working spaces. Now the challenge stands to implement these positive experiences within our cultural area: “the only way to do it… is to do it!”
Martin Moser
Energie Wasser Bern, member of the board of management
"A thorough understanding how startups, big tech-corporations, investors, accelerators and co-working spaces think and interact is crucial to the task of apprehending the unique culture and dynamic of Silicon Valley. The organizers did an impressive job helping me understand Silicon Valley’s formula for success. One of those key factors is its error culture."
Alois Wiesinger
Product Development, Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.


The next tour starts on Sunday, 19th of May, 2019, 6.00 pm and ends on Friday, 24th of May, 2019, afternoon. Welcome session with food & drinks on Sunday Individual arrival and departure to/from San Francisco Inspiring visits to innovative companies like Google | SAP | Stanford | Hana Haus | Plug & Play | Netflix | MongoDB | 500 Startups | RocketSpace | Credit Karma | Siemens Healthineers | Pure Storage | Nvidia | Kannibox | Galvanize | Palantir | Zoom | Berkeley ... Insight Talks with CEOs, founders and represetatives of the Silicon Valley spirit. Innovative formats to encourage and foster transfer of experience like Design Thinking Workshops | debriefings: The Death of Good Ideas | … The team: Oliver Kempkens, Patrick Rammerstorfer

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